"I want to thank you for your helpfulness while I was having my PT. Josh was exceptional in getting to the root of my back probelms. I’ve been going to PT for years and this was the first time I felt that my therapy wasn’t some quick fix. I beleive it was so helpful, that my home program should last for quite some time. I wouldn’t hesistate to reccomend him to anyone." ~Debra, Physical Therapy client
" After many months dealing with a foot injury that wouldn’t heal fully, and a subsequent knee surgery, Josh was able to help me alleviate the pain and get back to life and work comfortably. As my injuries were on opposite legs, Josh needed to continually evaluate how to best treat each injury without aggravating the other. His sensitive and knowledgeable hands-on treatment pushed me to follow up at home with his exercise plans. Josh will work you as hard as you are capable and willing, but he is also realistic and amazingly intuitive about when/where you hurt. A short time after treating me, I had Josh treat my teen aged daughter who has had chronic knee pain with patella tracking issues. Again, he was able to quickly figure out a plan of action, changing it as her needs changed.
Josh is a great motivator and is comfortable using various techniques to help you improve. He quickly finds where you hurt or need the most work, and attacks it with gusto! Josh is an extremely perceptive therapist with vast knowledge in the general field of physical therapy as well as in bio-mechanics and sports injuries. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Josh as a physical therapist for anyone dealing with acute or chronic pain, post-surgical therapy needs, and/or injuries. He will help you get better!!!"
~Sharon, Teacher – Physical Therapy Client
"I came to Josh after many trips to physical therapy in the past for neck pain and headaches. For the first time, I felt as though my issues & pain levels were validated. I wasn’t left to a textbook hands-off treatment of heat packs & weights like I was in the past.
Its obvious that Josh is passionate about his work - each patient is treated as an individual and his excitement about learning about my individual needs was evident. His care and interest into building relief for me was not only my goal, but his.
With each visit I learned more about my pain triggers. Josh gave me the tools I needed to maintain & continue the progress we were making in his office. Lifestyle is a big factor, so I have to own that part of my treatment. But now I feel equipped with ways I can help myself build strength and continue on the road to recovery.
Thanks Josh!"  ~ Alana, Self Employed - Physical Therapy Client
"I had a severe case of Plantar Fascitis in both feet and was seriously considering surgery, until I met Josh Passmore.  I had this debilitating condition for 7 months and literally could not walk, cook dinner, go shopping, swim (which I love to do) or work. I had tried everything, including other physical therapy, ultrasound, stretching (until I was blue in the face), night splints, two pairs of orthotics, taping, 8 different pairs of shoes, cortisone shots, anti-inflammatories, etc.  One night while researching on the internet, I came across a procedure called ASTYM. On my first appointment, Josh asked me to give him at least 6-10 treatments before making a decision on the surgery.  Well that was the best decision I made.  My plantar fascitis is subsiding and I was able to return to work part time, go shopping and cook dinner. Life is definitely better!!!!  Before having surgery make sure you schedule an appointment with JOSH PASSMORE…you will be glad you did!" ~Lisa Janes, Realtor - Physical Therapy client
"Around the same time I began to have foot pain, after being on my feet all day, I was introduced to Sole Platinum Sandals and footbeds. As a physical therapist, I am skeptical of new orthotic and insole products that come my way.  Nothing else took away the discomfort so I decided to try the sandals. Almost immediately, my symptoms were relieved.  I then added the sole footbeds to the shoes I wear to work and I continue to be free of pain.  I am able to recommend, with confidence, as a consumer and a Doctor of Physical Therapy the sole products to my clients." ~Laura A. Lavelle, D.P.T. - Physical Therapist
" Living in Florida, I am in sandals daily.  I am 100% satisfied with the support, style, & comfort these sandals provide me.  They are the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned." —Jay, SOLE Sandal customer
"After being very active all my life, I was met with the challenges of lifestyles changes, slower metabolism,less time and feeling like I needed help. Josh helped me with a plan that fit my lifestyle, my goals and with his instruction , education and encouragement, I not only got the results, but had renewed energy and focus. I would highly endorse his professional training to all ages, all needs." —Linda, Personal Training client
"Josh is not only pleasant to work with but extremely knowledgeable.  He helped me through my therapy and later as a personal trainer. Josh came to the gym at my club to train me and later several other members.  When I arrived in Washington, D. C. later that year, my sister was shocked to see me traveling not only without a cane but at a quicker pace that she had ever seen before. I would recommend Josh for both P.T. and as a personal trainer." —Brenda, Physical Therapy & Personal Training client
"Josh Passmore is a consultant to The Florida Yoga Institute in association with a book under development for yoga instructors about Yoga and biomechanics.  He has the unique ability of distilling complex anatomical, physiological, and therapeutic information into organized, easy-to-understand concepts. Josh is generous with his knowledge. He ensures I understand each theory we explore.  Josh is gracious and a joy to work with." —Francesca Vanegas, Director The Florida Yoga Institute
"I hired Josh as a personal trainer when I began the journey of transforming my body into what it has become today.  Josh understood my goals and got me started on a great program.  His programs not only are physical but are educational in regards to becoming independent and getting into the right state of mind to help me reach my goals. Highly recommended!" —Jay, Personal Training client
"To most people living in Florida, it is a flip-flop culture.  The lack of arch support in this region increases our caseload dramatically, and the number of plantar faciitis diagnoses are amazing.  Sole sandals and inserts are a source of support we recommend for indoor and outdoor use to decrease loading on an unsupported foot when individuals do not want to wear "hot" shoes.  I certainly enjoy the support of Sole sandals both indoors and out." — Chris, Physical Therapist
"I just recently purchased the Sole Sandals and the insoles and couldn’t be any happier! I actually spent over 10 years with walmart shoes and never would have thought the difference would be so drastic. Josh put me into a Bentley and every time I walk I feel like I have an edge on the average walker. I tell everybody about the products and will be a lifetime customer. Thanks Josh!" - Dan Gawlik, SOLE Sandal and Insole customer, Viera, FL
"Getting some great exercises, stretches and advice for recovery from the forum.
The NHS didn’t offer physio or recommend any exercises, so it’s great to get some help with getting back to working order.
All for free too!  So what if it’s all to increase user numbers; if it works then it can’t be wrong.
Thanks Josh!" - Morris, FORUM member,


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